Farewell Address to M.K. Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi on the eve of their departure from South Africa by the Cantonese Club, 14 April 1914

We, the undersigned, on behalf of the members of the Cantonese Club, desire to express to you our sorrow at your approaching departure from South Africa. The Chinese Community of the Transvaal have, for many years past now had the advantage, not only of your wise counsel, but also of the remarkable example of your character and conduct.

In you they have always recognised a great leader and a great Asiatic, and during the tremendous and uplifting struggle of Passive Resistance that you inaugurated in 1906 on behalf of all Asiatics in South Africa, and at which throughout you have been the Shining Exemplar. You have raised the prestige of the Asiatic name not only throughout the Union of South Africa, but in the whole civilised world.

We feel that, with your departure, the Chinese Community are losing a dear friend, a valued adviser, & a source of inspiration for nobler things. We trust that our common Father may have you, Mrs. Gandhi, & all those near & dear to you in His keeping, & that you may be spared for many years to continue the work of humanity that you prize so much and that you are so well fitted to perform.

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