V.I Lenin, The Awakening of Asia

Was it so long ago that China was considered typical of the lands that had been standing still for centuries? Today China is a land of seething political activity, the scene of a virile social movement and of a democratic upsurge. Following the 1905 movement in Russia, the democratic revolution spread to the whole of Asia—to Turkey, Persia, China. Ferment is growing in British India.  A significant development is the spread of the revolutionary democratic movement to the Dutch East Indies, to Java and the other Dutch colonies, with a population of some forty million.  First, the democratic movement is developing among the … Continue reading V.I Lenin, The Awakening of Asia

Excerpt: Bhagini Nivedita, The Master As I Saw Him

The summer of 1898 stands out in my”memory as a series of pictures, painted likeold altar-pieces, against a golden back-ground of religious ardour and simplicity,and all alike glorified by the presence of one who, to us in his immediate circle, formedtheir central point. We were a party of fourWestern women, one of whom was Mrs,Ole Bull of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and another a member of the higher official world of Anglo-Indian Calcutta. But it was not only the great citiesof admitted beauty and historical importance,that the Swami, in his eagerness, wouldstrive to impress on our memory. Perhaps nowhere did his love … Continue reading Excerpt: Bhagini Nivedita, The Master As I Saw Him


Notes and Correspondences Man does not live by bread alone. When the physical and material wants are satisfied, the human soul aspires for more refined and sublime expressions in the forms of art, poetry, music, and spiritual contemplation. The excellence in art attained by any people is a sure indication of the high level of culture to which they have risen. In India, from the very early times we find that art was cultivated and wonderful results have been attained. With the passing away of national government and indigenous rules of, great masters of art who used to attract budding … Continue reading ART AND CAREER FOR YOUNG INDIA, PRABUDDHA BHARATA, Feb 1933