Shantiniketan Song – Rabindranath Tagore

Listen here She is our own, the darling of our hearts, Santiniketan. Our dreams are rocked in her arms. Her face is a fresh wonder of love every time we see her, for she is our own, the darling of our hearts. In the shadows of her trees we meet in the freedom of herContinue reading “Shantiniketan Song – Rabindranath Tagore”


Come as you are, tarry not over your toilet. If your braiding has come loose, if the parting of your hair be not straight, if the ribbons of your bodice be not fastened, do not mind. Come as you are, tarry not over your toilet. Come with quick steps over the grass. If your feetContinue reading “Come as You Are by RABINDRANATH TAGORE”

Tagore on Scientific Inquiry and Self-Realization

Yet no one really believes that science is the one perfect mode of disseminating mistakes. The progressive ascertainment of Truth is the important thing to remember in the history of science, not its innumerable mistakes. Error, by its nature, cannot be stationary; it cannot remain with truth; like a tramp, it must quit its lodgingContinue reading “Tagore on Scientific Inquiry and Self-Realization”

Gitanjali, I am here to sing thee

Listen here (Music by Divya Nair and Ali Richardson) I am here to sing thee songs. In this hall of thine I have a corner seat. In thy world I have no work to do; my useless life can only break out in tunes without a purpose. When the hour strikes for thy silent worshipContinue reading “Gitanjali, I am here to sing thee”

The Patriot by Rabindranath Tagore

“He’s a sweeper!” She said decisively. Then she called to the chauffeur, ‘Gangadin, drive on’.

I was defeated. It was my cowardice.

Nayanmohan, I am told, brought out some very profound sociological arguments, at the tea-table, specially dealing with the inevitable inequality imposed upon men by their profession and the natural humiliation which is inherent in the scheme of things. But his words did not reach my ears, and I sat silent all through the evening.